Interview with Owner and Lead Web Designer

As you may have seen with the Spotlight on Liz, Mabble is highlighting some of the personalities and passions that make up our team. Next up on the list is Bobby, Owner and Lead Web DesignerWhen we asked Bobby to answer these questions he asked if we wanted “clear answers,” which should show you more about him than the answers below. He had begun wondering how different the answers would be if it was around the time of his graduation, a mere decade ago. Mostly as a writing exercise he decided to write them both down. He does stuff like that.

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Laura LevinMabble Media
Evolution of the Midtown Art Walk Design

Mabble loves Artown. As artists and Reno's self proclaimed biggest fans, we can't help but get excited when the month of July roles around. One event in particular is near and dear to our hearts: the Midtown Art Walk.  Every brand goes through an evolution, and this Walk wore a lot of different logos until the our brother and sister duo presented the current one.  Read on to learn about the brand's growth and history

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We have some pretty amazing folks on our team, each with different backgrounds and personalities who have a real passion for what they do. So, we thought what better way to show who Mabble is than by highlighting our talented team? Today we’re kicking off our interview series by sittings down with talented Mabble owner and lead designer Liz Mumford to learn a little more about her. More about our creative lead

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