"Cards that Sleigh" Competition

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It started as a Black Friday idea.

What should we make to sell? Mabble ornaments? Christmas sweaters? Medium sized Mabble margarita mix?
The more we talked about it, the more we wanted to welcome the Christmas season by doing two very important things.


Making Cool things, and Giving them away.


So what's the best way to do that? Downloadable Christmas cards, obviously. But we didn't stop there. Creativity is made better only by friendly competition. So we created the first annual

“CARDS THAT SLEIGH" competition.

Every Mabble employee has designed their very own creative Christmas card, specifically focusing on puns, jokes, or pop-culture. You, the masses, will vote on your favorites by downloading the card(s) or commenting on social media. 

The card with the most Engagement wins.

Please download and delve out at will! Give them to your friends, family, butcher, or doorman! Each card has an option for at home or professional printing, and you can download and vote on multiple. 


Visit our Facebook or Instagram to let us know which card you downloaded and stay tuned to find out the winner!



created by: Erin

"I enjoy the spice-i-ness of life. When I was tasked with coming up with some greeting card tag-lines, I couldn’t help myself with this one. The imagery just fell into place, thanks to Liz who helped bring the design I had in my head come to life so you all can enjoy it too. 
Why should it win? Because it’s the best. Duh."

If you loved this one, go vote by downloading!

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Created by: Liz

"My first and favorite art form is collage, and as a kid, all of my school binders were covered in modpoge and magazine clippings. My personal works often seem to appear cut out or layered from different mediums. Here I found different "internet clippings" to combine and transform in photoshop to create my Christopher Walken Christmas card. I had a little help from Laura and my husband, Mike, on the pun - I seem to be the only Mabblite who is missing my punny bone." 

If you loved this one, go vote by downloading!

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mary cries moths and a hoppy brewed beer

created by: Bobby

"When tasked with coming up with a pun-based Christmas card I did what I always do when tasked with writing copy: I took myself out to a steak dinner, alone. After the meal and two fingers of whiskey, I went to bed at the base of an oak tree under a full moon. I awoke and promptly chopped down the tree, lighting a large fire with the wood. Letting the ashes sit for three days, I dug through them to discover a tied parchment with these words written: Mary Cries Moths, and a Hoppy Brewed Beer. 

I had run out of time to come up with anything else, so here you go."

If you loved this one, go vote by downloading!

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reindeer things

created by: taylor

"Please help me! This isn't a blurb for the blog! I'm trapped... somewhere dark.. and cold.. it's weird here. I feel like I'm all twisted around, I can't tell which way is up and which way is down. There's something clicking on the roof... it's coming down the chimney! HELP!"

If you loved this one, go vote by downloading!

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fleece navidad

created by: Laura

I live and breath puns. If ever I am quiet it's probably because it is taking every ounce of self control not to blurt out a pun at you. So, naturally, I leapt at the chance to put this not-so-useful skill to work. 

When it came to the design, I needed the card to feel as obnoxious as the pun itself. 80's colors and an in-your-face sheep ought to do the trick. 

If you enjoy puns and the heavy, annoyed sigh immediately following, this card is the card for you. 

PUN ENTHUSIASTS UNITE! If you loved this one, go vote by downloading! And remember, the pun is mighier than the sword. 

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Print the card on a standard piece of 8.5x11 paper. Fold the paper in half, and in half again. BOOM.


Print Professionally


Visit your favorite printing company or website.You can print this card anywhere but if you need an idea, visit Vista Print, upload the design, choose the following option and you're good to go!


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